“A Crewneck For Pete” – Short Film About Fall

Published on July 25, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! It’s Autumn in New England, and Pete is having “One Hell of a Fall.” When he receives a ticket to a James Taylor Impersonator Concert, he realizes something is missing…A cozy crewneck sweatshirt to complete his perfect Autumnal Season.

Starring: Brad Howe, Paul Kandarian, Andy Mills.

Written By: Brad Howe
Directed By: Andy Mills
Director of Photography: Matt Antonucci
Key Grip: Ben Duff
Special Effects: Matt J. Weir & Billy Bob Thompson
Color & Audio Mix: Matt Antonucci
Audio: Matt J. Weir
Editor: Brad Howe
Poster: Mickey Dwyer
Produced By: Matt Antonucci, Brad Howe, and Andy Mills
Appearances By: John Fanelli, Nancy Howe, Stan Howe, Joe Carbone, Dean Prentiss, Melanie McNamara

James Taylor
Kevin Macleod
Andy Mills – “Trees & Leaves”
William Ackerman

Special Thanks:
John & Diane Mirick
Monica McNamara
Hollis Hills Farm
Sergio Gusella
James Taylor

Bob Donnelly Productions
Horror Club Productions

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