20 STRANGE Mysteries

Published on January 6, 2018

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! From weird disappearances; to the biggest mystery finally explained; these are 20 STRANGE Mysteries !

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8 – Excuse Me
During the 80’s the Swedish navy discovered the strangest sounds underwater that were initially believed to be Russian submarines. Well, to their relief it turned out to be nothing but farting fish. The team that made this discovery actually won a Biology Lg Nobel prize for it.

7 – Blame it on the gophers
Western Washington is home to Mima mounds, which have been around for thousands of years! In the 1840’s they were thought to be Indian burial grounds, but that was proved incorrect. A single field can apparently have a million or more of these bizarre mounds. Turns out, you can blame the gophers, who are responsible for digging these mounds. Mature mounds appear after around 500-700 years of the gopher burrowing underground.

6 – Put to rest
It was the 30th of June 1908, when a fireball streaked through the Siberian sky and landed with an enormous explosion, totally destroying a remote forest of 770 square miles. It was called the Tunguska event and it’s said the energy released by this explosion was a thousand times greater than the Hiroshima atomic bomb. As you can imagine, there were crazy theories about what it could have been. UFO’s, anti-matter and comets were some of the suggestions. The mystery was solved though when it was finally discovered in 2013, that it was a meteorite. Why it took this long to come to this conclusion, we have absolutely no idea!

5 – Let it rain
Red rain has been documented a few times in history, with the most recent occurrence taking place in Kerala in India in 2001. A strange red rain fell, and it coated everything in its path. Over 100,000 pounds of red particles fell from the sky, and people believed it was alien spores floating down, released by an exploding, life-giving comet. Interesting theory, you have to admit. The truth? It was algae spores that were raining down, although it’s still unknown as to why it rained down for such a long period of time.

4 – Drinks on us
The mystery of the Mary Celeste has puzzled many since it disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872. When the ship was found, it was perfectly intact – but the crew? No where to be found! There were no signs of a struggle, and all the valuables were still on board. Dr. Andrea Sella at UCL in the UK has come up with a theory, which many believe to be the truth. The ship was transporting 1700 barrels of raw alcohol which is thought to have created an invisible explosion. The crew went mad and abandoned ship.

3 – Will o’ the wisps
If you’ve ever watched Brave, you’ll know what a wisp is. Many people have claimed to have seen one, but they were more than likely greeted with raised eye-brow and a look of pity. Turns out, the possibility of them having spotted one, is actually real. Corpse candles are also known as marsh gas, and they’re created when decaying biomatter releases heat and methane, which can ignite and create a soft candle-like flame, generally seen in cemeteries and swamps.

2 – Balancing Act
This mysterious levitating rock is found in Mawlynnong, India. Catch it at the right angle, and it’s hard to understand how the rock is able to float like that. Because the area is quite remote, very few photographs are around proving otherwise. However, its disappointingly just balancing on another rock. The mystery, isn’t such a mystery after all.

1 – Debunked
There are quite a few people who have shown their ability to become a human magnet. They are able to attract anything from metal, glass, wood and plastic to their bodies. However, claims that these people have a magnetic force is just ridiculous, because since when has plastic or wood been attracted to magnets? And the magnetic force would also work through clothing, particularly if its strong enough to hold up an iron! The sad reality is that these people are just slightly more sticky than others. They have an unusual residue on their skin, which gives them this very unusual party trick.

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