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Our mission is to caption the internet...

Over 90% of all online video lacks closed captions. We want to change that!

We're providing the Deaf and hard of hearing community a way to have the content you want, captioned by our trained, highly skilled staff. (No more poor quality auto-captioning!) And it complies with ADA standards. All captioned content is then made available to the entire community. Together let’s create momentum and let your voices be heard. Help us reach our goal of having 1 million online videos captioned within a year with all the content you want accessible.

 Here’s how it works…

Step 1

Sign Up Now!

As a free member, you can watch videos to your heart’s content. If you decide to become a premium member, every month you’ll receive credits to submit the content you want captioned. Click below to create your account:

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Submit Your Videos

Once logged in, you’ll be able to submit videos from Youtube or Vimeo, or you can upload videos of your own. We’ll simply deduct the amount of credits required from your monthly limit. (1 credit = 1 minute of video).

Step 3

We Work Our Magic

Our team of professional captioners will process your video, transcribing accurate, quality-assured, captions. Say goodbye to lousy auto-captioned content! Once it’s done, we’ll publish the video and let you know it’s ready!