CCTubes – The only website where everything is captioned

CCTubes is the only online video website where all content is quality captioned making it accessible to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

The Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community have spoken out about not having equal access to audio content on the internet and are very frustrated that nobody is listening and they are ignored. They have spoken about the need for companies and individuals to caption their videos so they could have accessibility and enjoy them. In coming up with CCTubes as it exists today, we listened and designed a website specifically with those concerns, needs and desires in mind.

There are laws in place where audio content, videos specifically, are to contain captioning. So why aren’t businesses and individuals following the law? Some people just don’t know the requirements that they are supposed to comply with, while others simply don’t comply because they don’t feel it’s in their best interests and they knowingly don’t make their content accessible. This has added to the frustration of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing because they comprise 10 percent of the population and feel they are being left out. They have great spending power and influence in all areas and yet they are neglected and are not able to participate because companies and businesses choose to ignore them and won’t caption their videos and make them accessible to them. Or if they do caption, they use YouTube’s auto-generated captioning which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of understandability and are also not compliant with FAA standards and requirements for accessibility.

That is why CCTubes was designed because we listened to those concerns and came up with a website that has taken those wants and needs and developed on online video website where every video has quality captions. You no longer have to search the internet for videos that have captions and go to this site to view that video and another site for others.

This is the largest repository of captioned online videos in the world. They are all human-generated and then checked for quality before being published on the site. You can click on any video and know that it’s captioned. Our captions are superior to any others on the internet since we are at least 99 percent accurate and include descriptive audio as well to let you know what is happening at every moment. We have tons of content in every category.

Anybody can view the site for free, but we need your help to get content added daily and that’s where our users come in. We have reduced the barriers of making content accessible by allowing anyone to request content to be captioned for a very low monthly fee. Our goal is to caption the internet and we know that’s a lofty goal, but we can all contribute to the cause of bringing people of all abilities together and interacting in a much more engaging and interactive way by communicating in a language that can be understood by all.

This is your site and you drive what content is captioned. Most importantly, we really listen to you and let you control what you want on the site and caption your preferences. By making your contribution, you are virtually helping millions of individuals with hearing loss gain access to content on the internet that they previously didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy. By taking part in this effort with your one voice you are joining a movement to help increase the accessibility of the internet for individuals across the world, thereby improving others’ lives and creating an inclusionary world.

Come visit our site at and help us caption the internet!